NH 5000 Monimax

The Hyosung Monimax 5000(NH-5050) is designed to create optimal effects in both on-premise and off-premise environments. Also, through fashionable design, Monimax 5000 can be installed in the minimum space for getting cash in all environments.With Sidecar, Monimax 5000 supports full function for Bill & Coin accepter,Barcode Reader, and filling IC Card. This is good chance to apply Billing & Payment kiosk. For the maintenance, Monimax 5000 is composed of simple modules for easy maintenance.

Stability System
Monimax 5000 is stabilized units based on perpendicular systematization and with various environment tests, it has high performance confidence.

Value Business Platform
Monimax 5000’s module is made with scalability module for dealing with customers’ request. Also,with Sidecar, Monimax 5000 supports various functions for Bill & Coin Accepter, Barcode Reader, and filling IC card. Through these functions,
Monimax 5000 can apply Billing & Payment Service Business(Billing & Payment Kiosk).

Multi-Vendor Solution Available
IBased on high performance standard PC offers Open Architecture Platform.

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