ATM Placement

With more options available for your business, ATMLLC can help enhance your profit and customer retention. Even choosing one of these two specials services offered, you will still receive our stellar customer service and also 24/7 technical support for all your ATM needs. Let’s choose the best option that would fit your needs!

  • ATM Placement 1 – Our company will provide your business an up to date machine, supplies and free training to all personnel. Our technicians will also handle all responsibilities to set machine up for FREE. Your business will also receive a percentage of surcharge that is collected when the machine is used.
  • ATM Placement 2- This 50/50 transaction is available to our customers that wish to have a machine installed, but also are willing to fill the machine. With this option we will make sure that your business receives an up to date machine catered to your needs, free supplies and free training to all personnel.Your business will also profit most of the surcharge that is collected from your customers.