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our passion, Mission and Values.


ATM LLC provides more than just ATM machines. Customer satisfaction is the engine that runs our business. Not only do we strive for perfection in all aspects of customer service, but we also offer hands-on service that has served us well through the years and made us what we are today, an industry leader in all things ATM.


At ATM LLC we offer competitive pricing on ATM equipment, ATM placements, and training and labor in the Maryland Tri-State area. What sets us apart from the other guy you ask? It is the additional services we offer, free receipt paper, free Online Monitoring, free monthly e-statements, and free installations to mention a few. These are the reasons our clients refer to us as a leader in our Class.

There is a problem with your ATM that cannot be resolved over the phone? Got you covered, at ATM LLC, you can count on us to get you up and running in no time.

The ATM industry has grown tremendously over the last 20 years and will only continue to do so. Whether you are interested in earning an extra income or want to expand your current business, ATM LLC is here to facilitate and encourage that growth.

Highest Quality Low Cost ATM Machines

We pride ourselves on being partnered with the largest ATM companies in the US, allowing us to offer the combination of the highest quality ATM machines at the lowest cost. Guaranteeing to help you save money while supplying the most reliable equipment in the industry.

Your Committed ATM Service Provider

Whether your ATM does a few or thousands of ATM transactions a month, our commitment to you will be consistant. That means we are equally committed to each customer in our portfolio. At ATM LLC our mission and core values include exceeding your every expectation while providing seamless uninterrupted service. Call us today to find out how we can exceed your expectations.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In letting Our ATM Machines Do The Talking

When ATM LLC services your equipment, we always cross our t’s and dot our i’s. As a result, becoming a customer to ATM LLC means having all ATM concerns being transferred from your hands to ours. Thanks to our RMS software on Genmega/Hantle we will handle all your ATM disputes and more, allowing your experience to be effortless.



ATM LLC offers free data processing for your ATM. If you are currently being charged per transaction, then we will help you save hundreds simply by switching to ATM LLC.



You will get an up to date ATM and cash logistics for your ATM location. Also, we will pay a portion of the commission to the location. An electric outlet and internet are required for ATM.

ATM machines


Ready to add to your income? We will provide an ATM that is ready to work, training, ATM supplies, all at no cost. The location will be responsible for filling and maintaining the cash for the ATM and all profits will split 50/50.

Online Reporting


Data processing and 50/50 placements will receive online reporting, that will allow you to see how and what your ATM is doing daily.

ATM Machine Support


All ATM services provided by ATM LLC will include phone and onsite technical support. Whether your ATM is experiencing a simple paper jam or a complicated communication issue, we will ensure it gets resolved. Either through step by step telephonic support or an onsite technician.



Arranging a special event? ATM LLC will provide an ATM for any type of event you can think of, Wine Festivals, Craft Sows, we will do it all. All the hard work is done by us, including all cash logistics. All you do is receive a portion of the profits. Contact us for details.

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