Merchant Load ATM Placements

We Provide the ATM & Profits Split 50/50

50/50 Profits But All You Do Is Maintain ATM Cash

From An ATM, ATM Training to Free ATM Supplies

Are you ready to make money but don’t want to purchase an ATM, then this is the option for you. You will receive 50% of the profits for only a quarter of the work. ATM LLC will provide an up to date ATM, training and complimentary ATM supplies.

The location will be responsible to fill and maintain ATM. Which is made easy because you will be set up with the training and means to easily keep track of cash logistics and reporting.

We at ATM LLC believe in helping you work smarter and not harder, and that is easily achieved with the top-notch ATM training provided.

What ATM LLC Will Provide

Online Reporting

ATM LLC will provide you with a fully  programmed ATM.

You will receive free ATM Processing.

We will split the profits 50/50.

Free ATM receipt paper.

You will have access to free monthly E-statements.

We will include free over the phone technical support.

What We Require From You

Power and Internet

You are required to fill your ATM.

A power outlet and internet line are required for the ATM.

We Will Answer All Your Questions

No, there is no cost to you besides the electricity and internet used to allow your ATM to operate.

We will set up an ach to your account. You will get funds next business day.

ATM LLC will set you up for email/text alerts, as well as providing website access if needed.

We will try to diagnose the issue over the phone. If it is not resolved a technician will be sent out.

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